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How We Get Paid

| January 27, 2023

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get after an initial meeting is, “How do you get paid?” 

One thing that we never shy away from is how we get paid, but the answer can be complicated.  From a fee-based perspective, our fees are outlined on our website, but we can also get paid commissions for certain vehicles (life insurance, fixed annuities, individual stock purchases, certain mutual funds, etc).  

Where it gets complicated is that sometimes we don’t get paid, and that’s OK.  If you leave our office with your questions answered, we’ve done our job.  The first question that we ask internally with a new meeting is, “How can we help and provide value?”  If we do those things and do it sincerely, the money will shake out in the end.     

And that’s it, frankly.  We end up getting paid to provide value if that’s what makes most sense for the client.  We are happy to provide a financial plan and recommendations with no strings attached.  There’s no “gotcha.”  If you are ever hesitant about reaching out to us with questions or to schedule an initial meeting, don’t be.  It’s not nearly as threatening or scary as it might seem. 

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