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September 2021: Your Money Matters

| September 02, 2021

This month's Your Money Matters newsletter features tips for financial literacy, ways to travel smarter, estimating college costs (and letting go of your kids once the time comes to send them off!), and ideas to set healthy habits! Hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions. Have a great day!

The Five Basics of Financial Literacy
How literate are you when it comes to your finances? Brush up with these five basics.
5 Things That Seasoned Travelers Are Doing (That You're Not)
A collection of tips from professional travelers.
Estimating the Cost of College
This worksheet can help you estimate the costs of a four-year college program.
A Cheat Sheet for Sending Your Kid to College
Dropping off your son or daughter is loaded with emotions; here are a few tips for a smoother experience.
Changing Unhealthy Behaviors
Five phases to changing unhealthy behaviors.