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Who We Work With

Our Ideal Client

-Is looking for a person who they truly trust and can get to know.  We want to get to know you and your family to help us fully understand your objectives to make sure that we are on the same page.  

-Values our opinion and consults us before any major financial transaction.  We want to be involved to help you make important financial decisions and act as your personal CFO.

-Is realistic about the stock market and outcomes.  We want you to understand that we've planned for the long-term and are invested in line with your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

-Shares similar values of hard work, faith, and family.  Everyone should have priorities, and we believe that faith and family should be at the top of the list.

-Respects those around them and treats them graciously.  "You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the help."  We want to work with people that appreciate us.

Our Ideal Client Profile

-Ramped-up Randy (or Ruth)

Randy is a “Go-Getter.”  He is either climbing the corporate ladder or has recently started/taken over a business.  He is in the thick of things and life is crazy, trying to balance out the demands of work and life.  He cares about his employees and wants to provide them with benefits to retain those employees who have been with him through thick and thin. 

Randy is important to his business and family, and he wants to protect those that rely on him if something unfortunate should happen.  He is concerned about saving for the long-term for both himself and his family and wants a plan in place that will give him a track to run on.  As with any business owner, he wants to avoid paying taxes to the extent that he can.

With such a busy life and the demands of work, Randy wants to work with someone that can identify with his current life stage, be familiar with his work and life goals, and ease his personal financial decision-making.  We like being that person for Randy.

-Slowed-Down Suzy (or Steve)

Suzy has “been there, done that” as it relates to work and her career.  She is either starting to think about the light at the end of the tunnel (retirement) or has already made the decision to pull the plug.  Either way, she is ready to wind down and start enjoying the things that she feels like she’s never had time for.  She wants to be around for her children and grandchildren, wants to help out in the community, and get out of the cold winters of the Midwest. 

Suzy is confident that she’s saved enough for retirement, but isn’t quite sure how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  She is concerned about healthcare options in retirement, which account to take funds out of (and how much), and whether her retirement will make it through a slow-down in the market.  She wants a plan in place that details when and how she should take funds out of social security and retirement accounts, how she can help out the next generation of her family, and live with assurance that her savings will last.

With a different set of priorities and her working life behind her, Suzy wants to work with someone that can coach her through retirement, oversee a smooth transition to the next generation, and ease her mind that everything is taken care of so that she can enjoy the finer things in life.  We like being that person for Suzy.